N.Y.S. Boating Safety Equipment and Regulations



No vessel shall be operated:

(N.Y.S. Regulations)

    • Within 100 feet of shore, dock, anchored vessel or swim area at more than 5 M.P.H.
    • In an imprudent or unsafe manner.
    • When an operator is intoxicated or has his/her ability to operate is impaired by alcohol or drugs.
    • When an operator under age 18 does not possess a boating safety certificate.
    • When a child under age 12 is not wearing a life jacket (P.F.D.) and who is not within a fully enclosed cabin.
    • Without the required personal/vessel safety equipment.
    • Without the navigation lights displayed at night or during times of poor visibility.
    • Within 100 feet of a diving flag.


    No personal watercraft shall be operated:

    (N.Y.S. Regulations)

    • By any person who does not possess a boating safety certificate.(2010)
    • By a person less than 14 years of age.
    • Without all persons on board wearing approved life jackets (P.F.D.'s) that are secured, properly sized and in serviceable condition.
    • In an imprudent or unsafe manner, which includes wake jumping, waiting to turn from danger until the last possible moment or weaving in and out of boating traffic.
    • Without the required personal/vessel safety equipment.
    • Between sunset and sunrise.

    "Boat Safe, Boat Smart"

    This is only a partial listing of New York State laws for required equipment and vessel operation regulations.

    All vessel operators should enroll in a N.Y.S. boating safety course to learn the safe and lawful operation of a vessel on New York State waterways.

    Listing of Boating Safety Class Providers


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