File a Float Plan

Float Plan

The Marine Bureau provides this protective service to boaters, hunters and fishermen. Individuals may contact Marine Bureau Headquarters and inform the dispatcher on duty of a "float plan" prior to their getting underway at any time, and especially at night, during poor weather conditions or when operating on unfamiliar waters. Boaters are encouraged to call the Marine Bureau at (516) 573-4450 and have their "float plan" information recorded.

The following information will be recorded on your "float plan": Your name, address and telephone number; your point and time of departure; your destination point and estimated time of arrival or return; your intended course/route of travel; a description of your vessel including the state registration number; a point of contact on shore; and the identification of additional persons on board your vessel.

Upon returning safely, the person who originally filed the "float plan" must close the plan by calling the Marine Bureau at (516) 573-4450. It is important to do so, in order to avoid an unnecessary search by police.

Marine related accidents and other emergencies can occur at any time. By filing a "float plan" with the Marine Bureau, you act to ensure your safe and timely return from any boating, fishing or hunting trip that you might undertake aboard your vessel on the waters of Nassau County.


"Boat Safe, Boat Smart"


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