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Sidescan Sonar Unit

EdgeTech LC100

The sidescan sonar unit has proven to be an invaluable tool to the Underwater Search and Recovery Team. It has located a lost plane which crashed and submerged in Jones Inlet during heavy fog conditions. It located the aircraft engine, wings, fuselage and additional parts of the wreckage saving many tedious hours of diving and searching. The fuselage contained the occupants of the aircraft. So, their recovery was also facilitated by the use of the ROV. This unit has a submerged transducer which is towed behind the search vessel and scans out to the left and right to a distance of two hundred meters. To perform such a search otherwise by using deph sounder and grappling techniques would be a very time consuming task. The ROV can locate sunken vessels, submerged vehicles and, in certain conditions, can assist in locating drowning victims.

Drawing of wreck Valerie-E as it lies on the bottom

NCPD actual sidescan image of the wreck Valerie-E

Team members monitoring sidescan search


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