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The Mission of the Nassau County Police Underwater Search and Recovery Team

The mission of the Underwater Search and Recovery Team is to provide departmental divisions and other law enforcement agencies with underwater police assistance with respect to lifesaving, the recovery of property and evidence, environmental management and to aid in investigations.

The Underwater Search and Recovery Team routinely conducts search and rescue operations when generally requested by the N.C.P.D. Communications Bureau or by other divisions within the Department, as well as by local, state, and federal governmental agencies.

The primary goal of the underwater search and recovery team is the protection of life and property, crime prevention and apprehension, and evidence preservation and recovery.

The Underwater Search and Recovery Team is a unit that provides support for all diving related activities including:

1. Underwater assistance to any law enforcement agency when requested.

2. Rescue and recovery of drowning victims and crime victims.

3. Search for and recovery of criminal evidence, and the accurate presentation of same in court.

4. Recovery and salvage of various types of vehicles involved in accidents or criminal activities.

5. Hull searches for contraband or explosive devices.

6. Recovery of lost property.

7. Commercial and recreational boating accident investigations.

8. Underwater repairs to departmental patrol vessels and other approved vessels and marine equipment.

9. All underwater search and recovery missions.


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