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Wireless Communication Equipment


The Underwater Search and Recovery team is presently using a single side band wireless underwater communication system that is manufactured by Ocean Technology Systems, Inc. This equipment is used on most of the diving assignments. It gives the police diver an excellent communications link to surface support personnel, tenders and other team members that may be assisting or in the water at that time.

A good communication system enables police divers to constantly reevaluate diving assignments with other team members as conditions change and special circumstances arise. The wireless communication units have a transmitter - receiver which is directly linked to the divers full face mask (Interspiro MKII-S AGA masks). The full face mask incorporates ear phones and a microphone. These units have markedly increased the overall safety of team members, and have saved lost time in having to surface and discuss changes to the diving operation. The communication equipment is manditory during operations that utilize heavy equipment (cranes, tow trucks, etc.) and when direct communication between a diver and an equipment operator is necessary to complete the operation.

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